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A place of understanding, support and change.


You are here because you are looking for a way to change your health or that of your loved ones. For a customized treatment that focuses on your personal needs and concerns. As an experienced psychologist and coach, it is my pleasure to accompany you on your journey and give you the tools you need to "grow" even further.

  Are you ...     Is it the case that...  
  struggling with the challenges of life?     there is no one who really listens to you?  
  tired of things not getting better in your relationship?     You are trying to cope with trauma, grief or loss?  
  having the feeling that nothing has worked so far?     You feel anxious, depressed, tired or exhausted?  
  feeling of being empty and without energy?     You are too often stressed at work or at home?  
  Why me?  
  Individual approach:  

I work from the point of view that every person is unique. Accordingly, my approach is geared towards taking your individual needs into account and creating a tailor-made plan for your personal journey.

  An atmosphere of trust:  

Together we create an atmosphere of trust and openness. Here you can express yourself freely, without fear of judgment. I will listen to you carefully and respect your perspective.

  Working together:  

The collaboration between you and me is the key to success. I believe in a collaborative relationship in which we work together to achieve your goals and shape your path to change, personal development and fulfilling relationships.

  My expertise:  
  Extensive experience:  

With years of experience in psychological practice and coaching, I have helped people overcome a variety of challenges. My broad range of experience enables us to respond flexibly to different needs.

  Diverse therapeutic and coaching approaches:  

My approach integrates different therapeutic and coaching methods to ensure we find the most effective approach for you. From cognitive behavioral therapy and talk therapy to resource-oriented approaches and coaching techniques - I adapt the methods to your needs.

  How I will help you:  

In modern behavioral therapy, it is assumed that mental problems are caused and maintained by certain coping strategies that are understandable and often even sensible. That is why my aim is to support you on an equal footing in becoming an expert in this process, so that you can resolve your blockages independently and shape your life more freely and effectively.

  Here is a small excerpt from my range of help and advice:  
  If you have not found what you are looking for here, it may simply be because this is only an excerpt. Please do not hesitate to contact me without obligation to find out if and how I can help you.  
  Stress management:  
  Learn to deal with stress in a more relaxed way and reduce emotional strain.  
  Fears, phobias and depression:  
  Together we develop strategies to regain your zest for life, overcome fears and phobias and overcome depression..  
  Learning advice, stage fright and exam stress:  
  Let me help you find the causes and show you ways to overcome them.  
  Career counseling:  
  Starting with the career choice, through the application to the job interview, it will be my job to prepare you optimally for every step.  
  I accompany you sensitively in the processing of traumas and support you on the path to healing.  
  Couple, family and parenting counseling:    
  Strengthen your relationships through professional counseling. I will help you to improve communication and overcome challenges together.  
  Self-confidence, self-development and coaching:   
  Unleash your full potential, set clear goals and achieve personal milestones.  
  Your next step:  

Your path to mental well-being, personal development and fulfilling relationships starts here.


Take the first step and contact me for a no-obligation consultation.


I look forward to getting to know you, hearing your story and working with you on your wellbeing, goals and relationships.


I offer online consultations, regardless of your location. You can also come and see me in person. Please email me to schedule a free twenty-minute consultation. In this conversation, we will discuss how I can help you and the people you care about.